Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Tax Man Commeth

I've been dreading doing our taxes this year. Changing companies, the book, we sold a little stock earlier in the year and some other squirrely transactions that can be difficult to document.
There's one thing about it, I claim everything. A lot of my book sales were in cash and it would be fairly simple to disguise some of that, but I'm a terrible liar. If I did something illegal and we got audited I'd be sweating like a fat man in spandex bodysuit. It's simply not worth cheating in my taxes. They are what they are. Sometimes I get money back and sometimes I have to pay. But the thing is, we live in a great country full of opportunity. There are people all over the world that would love to pay the tax, if they had the opportunity to make money.
It took several hours, but I'm on the downhill stretch now. I've got to get a form from my old company showing what I paid for the stock that I sold and I'm ready to go.
I hope you all have a great Saturday.

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