Saturday, March 28, 2009

Truer Words

Today turned out to be a beautiful day. It started out questionable with rain pounding on our window before dawn, but the clouds had moved off to the east by the time the morning coffee finished brewing. When the chickens came down from their roost in the huckleberry bush in the front yard, the sun was poking through the clouds.
The Overalls played at the Spring Fling at the United Methodist Church in Jasper today. Our good friends Tom and Judy, Brenda and Danny invited us to play at the fund raiser. We had a chance to howdy up with some delightful people. I had a booth and almost sold out of books. I was amazed and humbled.
We ate a late lunch at a local Mexican restaurant called Cabos with Steve (the third Overall) and Judy. We had a leisurely meal and visited for a long time. Afterwards, we headed home and took a nap. My friend Joe Smith has a rule, and I embrace it whole heartedly - A Saturday afternoon without a nap is a wasted Saturday.
Truer words were never spoken.

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