Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rainy Day Dogwood

The Interstate was a parking log this evening on the way home. It's good that I wasn't in a hurry because the only way out of it would have been a helicopter.
I passed the time by listening to Lincoln, which is a biography of our 16th president. I've already learned a great deal about him that I did not know. I realized that he was an extraordinary writer - you can't read the Gettysburg Address and not understand that, but he was a painfully shy man, especially around women. His self image, or at least what has been described this far, is almost nonexistent.
The author says that he loved Shakespeare and could recite most of his work by heart. He was fascinated, from a young age, with the written word. He immersed himself in books and language.
Lincoln is a fascinating character and I am really enjoying this book.
Traffic finally began to flow and I made it home before dark. I managed to snap a picture in our front yard of our dogwood in the rain. It has finally begun opened up. A few more days of warm sunshine and it will be as big as an old timey white house.

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