Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Spring

I couldn't take the pressure. After coffee this morning, I went out to the shed to fire up the old Troybilt. I decided to till up our garden spot.
I had the tiller worked on last fall and the guys did a great job. All I had to do this morning is put a little gas in the tank, pulled the cord one time and it sprang to life. Before the maintenance it wouldn't stay in gear without holding down the engagement lever. I looked a little foolish hopping behind the tiller with one foot on the lever and the other trying to stay upright. I'd till a little and cuss a little. A video of those episodes would have hit the top ten list before you could say candid camera.
Today when I engaged the lever, that baby stayed in gear and the tines bit deep into the earth. Immediately I could smell the rich soil. Earthworms scurried....well, that's probably a stretch, they inched out of the way.
The chickens watched the operation with interest. They spend their lives scratching for bugs and worms. I could almost hear Clyde the Rooster say - "Hey dude, can I borrow that tiller when you're through!"
We play at Local Color tonight. It's the first gig of the spring for us. The last time we practiced we were rusty so y'all say a little prayer for the home team. We're also doing an early birthday celebration for Jilda tonight so if you live in the Springville area, come by and say hello.
Happy Spring

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