Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back to Normal

Things are finally back to normal here at the Watson household. Cable was repaired today just after lunch. My niece Samantha was so excited when she got back online that she sent me a text message at work.
I took a long walk this evening before dark and the road between the house and the barn was almost impassable because of all the broken limbs and debris thrown there by the storms.
I picked up all the big stuff and began flipping the small stuff to the side of the road with my walking stick.
Down behind the barn I heard a squawking sound. I looked up to see two waterfowl flying slowly toward the small finger-lakes across the hollow. I didn't realize the hung out back there until today. I also heard the owl off in the distance.
I hope everyone got their taxes filed and I hope they get enough back to take a nice vacation to an exotic place.

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