Saturday, April 25, 2009

POWER'S OFF AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have big companies gotten too big (and impersonal) for the business? Jilda has not been well for the last few days. We canceled a gig tonight which we have NEVER done before, because she has been fighting a flu-like illness.
I ran down to the Green Top to get her a BBQ salad for supper and she called on my cell on the way home to say our power is off again.
I rolled down the window of my truck and looked across the horizon at a cloudless sky. When I came to a stop in the yard, I sat for a long while and not a leaf was stirring and yet our power was off again.
The last time it was off, I asked the engineering department to contact me to discuss this chronic issue. A week has gone by and they never bothered to call. The company must have been too busy adjusting my bill as my payment went up $20 this past month. The company found time to make that happen.
I am very slow to anger, but I can tell you when I walked in the house, it was very warm. Jilda had the doors open but her face was red as a beat and she was having problem breathing.
I was not ugly to the clerk that took my outage report, but I asked to talk to a supervisor. When I spoke to her, I told her that I was VERY frustrated. I was not unkind but I was adamant, that I need some attention to my problem. She was very understanding and apologetics. She assured me she would have an engineer call me.
I'm giving them until Monday at high noon and if I haven't heard anything from Alabama Power, I'm going on the offensive.....the gloves are coming off.
I have to believe that if an executive in Alabama Power, or some government official were having these kinds of issues with their power, heads would roll. But I live in a rural area. We are the invisible people. "What pull can they have? They don't matter."
I'm really not sure what pull I have, but I can promise you this. They have not heard the last of Rick Watson

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