Thursday, April 23, 2009

Visit Our Way West

I think Jilda caught what I had the last few days. She is not a happy camper. I had to stop by the drug store and pick up some meds her doc called in and I ran by the Yi Cuisine, the local Chinese Food place and picked up some hot and sour soup along with some broccoli chicken.
She's on the couch and out for the count I think.
I've received a lot of positive comments about the slide show I posted a few days ago. Doing slide shows is fun. I have a few more songs I think I'm going to do shows with.
It is rapidly approaching our 35th wedding anniversary. My company is still on strike alert so I won't be able to take vacation until the new contract is signed.
If we are still in limbo on May 5th we'll have to celebrate at home and go somewhere really special when things settle down.
We may go back to Ireland. Both Jilda and I have been longing to see the Emerald Isle again. The only thing that makes us hesitant is leaving Ol' Buddy for too long.
Maybe we'll just pack up the car, throw Buddy in the back and head out west until we run out of road.
We have friends in almost every state between here in California. We could spend a night here and spend a night there and visit our way west.

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