Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bird Surprise

I worked from home today and I spent some time out on the side porch. I had finished up work and was sitting there listening to the sound of the wind in the chimes.
All of a sudden I heard something rattling against the screen. I looked over toward the door and a small wren was inside the screen and it looked like she was trying to get out. I stood to open the door and my little feathered friend scooted out a small slit in screen.
I sat back down and didn't think a lot about it but I noticed the bird lingering around on water feature just outside the screen. When I looked closer, it has a small worm in its mouth. I thought for a second and realized she had a nest nearby. I started looking around the porch and found the tiny nest tucked behind my fly rod and reel that hangs on the wall of the porch.
I quickly gathered up my stuff and retreated into the house. I peaked out a moment later and both the male and female shot in through the tiny slit in the screen to feed the babies.
I'll try to slip up close enough to get a picture tomorrow.

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