Friday, April 03, 2009

Wild Honeysuckle

We had just laid down last night when the last of the bad weather blew through. The lights began to flicker before we heard the roar. I thought at first it was a tornado, but our alert did not go off. I felt the house shake and a tree in the backyard fall. About fifteen seconds later it was racing off to the east and all was quite.
I walked to the back door to survey the damage. The back deck had a layer of pine needles and sweet gum balls. The tree that had fallen was a dead pine that I had already marked to cut down. Thanks Mother Nature for saving me the gas.
This morning the sun rose to a stunningly clear blue sky. It was cooler but everything seemed as fresh as a baby just out of the bath.
I worked from home and was on the phone for most of the day, but we walked the dogs this evening and everything was stunning. I shot a few pictures of some honeysuckle bushes. Some people call them wild azaleas but what ever the name, they are beautiful.The dogs were beside themselves.
The second photo I shot at meditation rock. The green in the foreground is moss that has grown wild with all the rainfall.
A pink honeysuckle bush that stands over ten feet tall took up residence just beside the huge rock overhang.
The early spring sun heats the rock up and this particular honeysuckle bush blooms several days before the others nearby.
Jilda found a small pink bush a few days ago that was standing all by itself. I grabbed the sharpshooter and dug it up. We found a sun friendly place in our yard and planted it deep in hopes that it will survive.
Happy weekend all.

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