Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Last Word about Fried Cornbread

During coffee this morning we drew up a hit list of things we needed to accomplish today. The biggest thing on the list was to get our trees out of the living room and into the yard. They tolerate life indoors, but when spring rolls around, it's almost as if they were looking longingly out the windows. Our lemon tree dropped an alarming number of leaves last night so we made the decision to put them out today. Hopefully the cold weather is over this spring.
I got a request for the recipe for fried cornbread on last nights' blog so, I had Jilda give it to me to share.
Fried cornbread is not something we eat often, but it's great when baking is not an option. We usually eat it when the power is off. Our oven doesn't work without power but the gas range works like a charm. Jilda's mom taught her how to make it years ago.
Ruby learned to make fried cornbread back during the Depression. People will find a way to enjoy the good things in life even when it's not easy.
I believe the old saying that says "necessity is the mother of invention." It's to bad that we didn't have a good way to capture all the "work-a-rounds" that people invented during the Great Depression and later during WWII.
We are a country of very clever people and when we need something, we usually get it one way or another....often through ingenious ways.
Anyhow, I'm glad fried cornbread didn't get lost it the transition of generations because it would have been a great loss.
Happy Easter all.

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