Monday, April 13, 2009

Whoa! Rick, Not So Fast

I was lulled into thinking the bad weather was going to miss us but about 1 a.m. a front moved in and blew my lights to somewhere in South Carolina. I have huge limbs down in the yard and three pine trees that are eighteen inches in diameter were blown down.
The power company says they have over a hundred thousand without power so I may never get power again.
Today I am ferrying the generator between my house and my brother-in-laws house next door to keep our freezers cool. Not sure what I'll do tomorrow because Jilda may not be able to crank the generator.
Anyhow, I'm on my laptop and the battery is getting low. I'll have to charge it when I bring the generator back home. I'm also on a wireless card that extended up via a extension USB cable and I have the card taped to the top of the garden door to get a good enough signal to make this update.
Y'all say a little prayer that the power company comes one day soon.

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