Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Intersting times.

I've got to make this quick as my wireless card is flaking out. It's been an interesting few days. When the trees fell on the power lines, the Internet connection was also knocked down. Our phones run off of a repeater a few hundred yards from the house. You may not have known this, but those repeaters depend on power to keep the internal batteries charged. When there is no power for about 24 hours, the batteries die and the phone go out of service. That's what happened about 6 a.m. this morning. So I left Jilda attending the generator which was keeping our refrigerator and freezer from defrosting and thawing all our food.
She had an appointment at lunch so on her way out she saw something interesting. Apparently some of the work crews trying to restore power got off the edge of the road and some managed to break the water main which feeds water to our community. Water was shooting up 30 feet into the air. She called me on her cell phone laughing uncontrollably. She said I've got some good news and bad news. The good news is they are finally up here working on our power, the bad news is that not only do we not have power, cable, or phones but now we don't have water either. I laughed so hard I spewed tea out my nose.
I asked her if she'd noticed any locus or other pestilences in the area. We've had an interesting few days.
Thank goodness, we now have water, phones, and lights. Our cable is not on but we are happy.
I'm saying a prayer that the wireless card maintains a connection long enough for me to post this update.
More to follow.

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