Friday, April 24, 2009


The storms last week brought into focus a stark reality that we've had to face. Both Jilda and I are treehuggers and hate cutting our leafy friends but we have several trees that are much too close to our house for comfort.
I called a tree guy and he's coming out Monday to do the deed. There will be two other trees that will have to be taken down, but the tree cutter was not comfortable taking them down. They grow within a V formed by power lines to coming to the house and lines going to the barn. He feels like he can keep the felled tree and limbs away from the house, but he said keeping them off the power lines would be tricky.
I've got a call in to the power company to see if they will do the deed. If not, I'll go to plan B. Not sure what plan B is at this time but I'll develop one when I need to.
Jilda is under the weather. I fear she caught the crud I had at the first of the week. With her lung condition, things like this tend to knock her for a loop. She's on the couch sleeping now.
I hope you all have a great weekend.

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  1. Oh no!! Not more drama with Alabama Power??
    Ms Soup


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