Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chicks in Destress

We were eating support this evening as an old cold rain fell outside. I begin to hear a faint chirping sound. When I looked outside, all but one of the peeps were on one side of our fence and the other on the opposite side. They were soaking wet and confused.
I hemmed the wayward chick up in a corner between the house and the fence to the back yard and gently captured her and put her on the other side with her brothers and sisters.
When her feet touched the ground, they ran off together under the deck to seek shelter from the rain.
They have been lost since their mother was killed by the hawk. We feed them but it's as if they've lost their moorings and are adrift.
I'm going to build them a little enclosed area down behind the shed to keep them safe until they are bigger.
Bonnie the adult hen is setting on eggs so we'll have more peeps in a few more weeks. If I don't start finding them a home, we'll have a yard full of chickens.
I'm taking adoption applications now. Send yours in to avoid the rush.

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