Friday, August 07, 2009

Tomrrow's Gonna Be a Hot One

The air was still as a vacuum this evening when Jilda and I walked. The air quality was in the orange category which means we should probably have worn masks.
We hadn't made a full loop before my shirt was as wet as if I had swam to my current location.
We cut our walk short and made a decision to walk in the morning after our coffee and before it heats up.
Weather man says it could get into the upper nineties tomorrow. I'm excited. Tomorrow is packed. I have to pick up my lawnmower that's being serviced in the morning, then we go to Birmingham to pick up Jilda's car (DON'T ASK), and then we pick out a new dishwasher to replace the one that died last week and finally we head home where I expect to have a great time installing the new appliance.
I'm hoping the alignment of the planets move into a more favorable alignment before something else breaks.

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