Saturday, August 22, 2009

Delightful Day

The last two weekends have been delightful. I'm writing a story for the paper about Memphis so that's why I haven't told a lot of the details about that trip.
Today we were in Lynchburg. I don't know how the weather could have been better. Big pillow white clouds with a sky so blue that it would be difficult to describe.
Lynchburg feels almost like home. We've been playing the Old Time Radio Show for a few years now and all the folks we've come to know there feel almost like family.
Paul Jones and his wife Marilyn do the radio show from the Barbecue Caboose on the square in Lynchburg. Ken and his wife Samantha own the Caboose. Every time we go, there are people from all over the globe.
Jilda's sister Pat went with us on this trip and she'd never taken the tour of the Jack Daniels Distillery. The folks at Jack Daniels do an incredible job. The tours are very revealing and the tour guides mix history, science, and humor to make the hour tour zip by.
Our guide today what Ron. He had a baritone voice that boomed over the sound of whiskey machines. He told us things about the history of the distillery that I did not know.
We ate Barbecue at the Caboose and we had a Jack Daniels Truffle from the candy store on the square before we headed home.

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  1. Ken Owens11:34 AM

    Who is that old man in the photo with Jilda? Oh, wait a minute I think it must just be the lighting.
    Sorry Rick, my mistake.
    Kayren and I feel a little like you about Lynchburg being some what like home. When we visited there we kept looking around for old relatives. You see we both come from families with backgrounds in the favorite "trade" of Lynchburg.

    I just thought I would pop in on you for a moment. It seems there's never enough time to chat with old "Buds". Ya'll keep writing and singing and I'll keep reading and listening. Maybe I can catch you in Helena next month.


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