Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Times they are a Changing

I took a walk this evening and you can really get a sense of the changing of the season. The sumac leaves are turning a beautiful shade of red.
Soon I'll begin to hear tree-frog choirs and cicadas. When I was a kid, I used to become anxious when I heard those sounds because I knew it would not be long before the start of school.
From where I lived in Sloss, you could also hear the cadence of the Dora High School drum core practicing their riffs.
Soon we'll begin to feel a nip in the air in the late afternoons and know that it's time to plant turnip greens.
These days, school starts back so soon that I'm not sure what signs they go by. My young great nieces and nephews don't spend enough time outside to get a feel for what nature is telling them.
Anyhow, this year is silently slipping by. I wrote a check today and wrote 8/5 It is hard to believe that the year is almost 2/3 over.
Y'all have a great Wednesday.

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