Friday, August 14, 2009

Wild and Wacky Day

Today has been a blur. Jilda and I came to Memphis to help our friend Edie Hand with her international launch for the new book she co-authored Ronnie McDowell and Joe Meador. The title of the book is "The Real Elvis".
It's Elvis week in Memphis and the place was buzzin. We started the day at Audubon House which is the house Elvis bought his mom and dad when he became famous.
Mike Curb purchased Audubon House and donated it to Rhode College in Nashville. The idea was to keep the house as close to original as possible.
By 10:30 there must have been two hundred people there. The list of celebrities was too long to tackle just now.
Edie was filmed as part of a documentary on Elvis' life and friends.
I took MANY pictures. I also shot some video with my flip phone which is pretty cool. This photo is of Tyler Dean (Ronnie's son) with Ronnie and Bill Medley singing backup on one of Elvis' hits.
We also got a VIP tour of Graceland. It was Jilda's and my first tour and walking down the long hall of the trophy room which contains all the gold and platinum records was a humbling experience.
I'll do a better post when my head stops buzzing

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