Monday, August 24, 2009

Cool Reprieve

I got up early this morning and made the coffee. The sky was almost moonless so I stepped out on the back deck to have a look at the stars. Even with no glasses, the sky was like a sheet of deep blue velvet with diamonds strewn over it. There was a slight breeze out of the west and it was cool on my face. The temperature was lower than it's been in months.
Just after daylight I made a bowl of cereal and ate it standing at the sink and looking down towards the barn.
Our four legged friend stepped from the underbrush and looked for low-hanging apples. When we walked yesterday, we picked a few apples and placed them under the tree. She quickly found the bounty and scarfed them up.
I've noticed that her stomach seems to be getting bigger. My nephew who is a hunter said that it was not uncommon for a doe to have an offspring in late summer.
I'll have to stop feeding them soon because the land all around us is hunted. I'd hate to think I lured an unsuspecting deer to our property to eat and then get shot on the way by a hunter.
I don't think the hot weather is over yet, but a cool reprieve has been nice.

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