Monday, August 31, 2009

Note to self

I might have messed up. I just mentioned to Jilda late last week that we should do more planks in yoga class. If you're not familiar with yoga, a plank is a pose that looks kind of like a push up except your body remains "pushed up." This might sound easy and indeed when you do it for let's say 10 seconds, it is easy. But I might have chided her a little and asked her if she was afraid to do the planks.
She got the evil look in her eye and said, I think we might be able to work a plank or two into the routine on Monday night.
I thought she would have forgotten about my fun at her expense, until this morning when she said "are you ready for class tonight? We're doing something special."
Now I'm fearful because if the planks don't do me in, the rest of the class will most likely drive a stake through my temple if they have to do the planks too.
I have an uneasy feeling about this class.
NOTE TO SELF: Keep your trap closed!!!!!!

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