Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Stuff

The grass needed mowing before we went out of town last Thursday. I haven't had a chance to cut it since so it's tall enough to bail and sell as hay.
When I got home this evening I jumped on the mower and cut the back yard. By the time I was half finished, a gentle rain began to fall.
It felt good on my skin, but I could tell the mower began to strain so I finished up what I could and called it quits.
I had to push the mower in and out of the shed because Bonnie the hen is sitting. Her sitting box is about a foot from the mower so to keep from disturbing her, I pushed it out by hand and then cranked it once it was outside.
She didn't flinch.
Our little peeps are in the ugly stage now. They are growing quickly. Yesterday I saw them climbing up our huckleberry bush. They'll be roosting with the big chickens soon.
Have a great evening.

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