Friday, June 18, 2010

Down HIll

Taylor is going down hill fast. She's the dog we found starving at the dump about ten years ago. She's not a smart dog, but she is one of the most lovable dogs we have ever owned. 
Several years ago she came up missing and we found her several days later stuck up to her haunches in a rabbit hole. She had almost starved to death (again). We nursed her back to health, but I think the trauma of almost dying caused her to develop an eating disorder because she went from about 40 pounds to over a hundred now.
For years, Jilda and I both worked during the day and we left food out for all our dogs, but Taylor seemed to consume more than her share.
As a result, she has developed serious health problems. She's now blind and almost deaf. Yesterday she couldn't get up. I'll take her back to the vet, but I'm not sure what they will be able to do much for her.
She has heart worms too and the summer heat is brutal on her. At some point I'm sure we'll have to put her down. That's not something I look forward to. We've had to put other pets down and it's always hard, but there comes a time when it's the right thing to do.

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