Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Japanese Beetle

I just ID'd the pest that's been eating my green beans. They look like Japanese Beetles.
 I've been catching them an stomping them. When I started several days ago, I was getting twelve to fifteen at a time. It's now down to two or three.
I hope they get the message.


  1. Oh yes, those are Japanese beetles. They eat most everything. I fill a jar with water and a skim of vegetable oil then just knock them in. (Always hold the jar right under them - their defense is to just drop and roll so they go right into the jar.) Then when they are good and dead I compost them. Hope they don't get too bad for you. Check out my friend's blog in the Ozarks: Plague

  2. Ouch! That's brutal. I'm whining because I have a handful on my green beans.
    Thank goodness they haven't gotten on my pears and apple trees.
    I'll keep a close watch.

  3. just happened upon your blog and seen the thing about the beetles. I think you can use 7 dust to get rid of them.


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