Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So It Goes

Rolling thunder woke us up from our nap after lunch today. I stepped to the back deck to survey the clouds. Before I got to the door, our weather alert radio alarmed saying there was a severe thunderstorm in Walker County. "No joke," I thought to myself. All of a sudden lightening struck something nearby. The concussion of the strike shook the windows and caused Jilda to squeal.
Just then the lights flickered off and all the dogs wanted in our laps, which is a problem because three of them are huge. We weighed Black last week and he tipped the scales at 96 pounds. Taylor weighs about 105 and Astro who is the smaller of the three big dogs and he weighs 84 pounds.
We kept them calm while the storm passed, but they were unhappy that the fan was off.
They were also peeved when we had to leave a short time later to do a book signing at The Little Professor in Homewood this evening. They were happy when we returned.
We are playing for a private gig tomorrow evening and I'll do a few readings, so maybe I'll sell a few books there.
Then on Thursday evening, we play at Local Color Cafe near Springville. We start at 7:30.
This is a busy week for us, but so it goes.
Y'all stay dry.

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