Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Early Start

Today was a self maintenance day. I had an appointment to get my annual eye exam. We left out just after coffee and arrived at the Galleria a few minutes early.
What better way to waste a few minutes than to munch on a cinnamon bun. I ordered up a treat with roasted pecans on top with a hot cup of coffee.
We sat on a bench under the atrium. The morning sun was filtering through the curved glass and it felt good to be alive. We watched early morning shoppers scurrying around picking up sun dresses, bathing suites and other summer attire.
The prescription for my eyes remained the same this year. I decided to invest in a new pair of glasses. I think my eyes need a rest every once in a while from the contacts.
When I went outside after the appointment, the sun was blinding. I was really glad that Jilda went with me to chauffeur me around.
We met our friends Jamie and Kaye for lunch at a neat little meat and three there in Hoover. It was good catching up with them.
On the way home, I stopped by Harbor Freight Tools to buy a cement mixer. I have a ton of projects that require a little concrete work and rather than rent one, I figured I could buy one to do my projects and I could sell it afterwards if I wanted to (like that would ever happen.)
I have a busy week this week with decoration coming up on Sunday. I've have to get busy and knock out my column for this coming Sunday.
Have a great week.

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