Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I've been exchanging emails with a fellow blogger for a few years now. Bob Miller, AKA Grandpappy is an artist from Arizona.
He sent me a note a few weeks ago saying that he and his wife Shirley would be passing through Alabama on their way to a wedding in Florida and asked if we could get together.
We told him that we'd love to see them. Today, he programmed our address in his GPS and he drove directly to our house. I'm still amazed at that technology.
Bob and Shirley arrived just before lunchtime and we had a nice visit. Jilda whipped up her baked chicken on a bed of fresh lettuce, along with toasted bread and some olive oil dipping sauce. Yum.
Bob and Shirley are delightful folks. 
The last time it snowed here, I shot a photo off the back deck of our Cyprus tree. I called the photo Snow Cyprus.
Bob did a water color loosely based on the photograph entitled Jilda's Deer at Dawn. He gave it to us today along with another water color entitled Summer Dancing. These are stunning water color paintings.
Bob and Shirley live in Scottsdale, Arizona and they invited us to visit them there.
Not sure I want to go in the summer, but there's a good chance we can go in the fall.
I'm running out of steam tonight so I think I'll go veg for a while.
Have a great humpday.

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