Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Raccoon Rainbow

I caught raccoon number two today. He was about the same size as the one I caught last week. I missed him the night before last because he reached in over the trap trigger and pulled the sardines out of the trap, climbed up on the basket and ate them at his leisure.
I know this because it was about 6 a.m. in the morning and I was looking out my bathroom window as I brushed my teeth and I witnessed the entire episode. I was amazed at how agile that little critter was.
So we gave it a lot of thought. Jilda suggested that we put the sardines in a little plastic butter dish and cable tie it to the back of the basket.
I did what she suggested and rolled in a few eggs just for good measure. I walked outside as the coffee was brewing and BINGO. There he was.
I took him up to the next county and released him where I released raccoon number 1. Just to be sure that it's not the same critter that keeps finding his way home, I spray painted  his butt with blue paint. Not the whole rear end, just a few racing stripes like you'd put on an old Chevy.
Jilda chided me a little for this last tactic as she said "what if he's shunned by the other critters when they play their raccoon games."
If that happens, I hate that for the little dude, but I plan to spray paint every one I catch until I stop catching them.
My buddy Fred says that they are communal creatures and that it's not uncommon for there to be four or five in the bunch so my trapping days may not be over for a while. Maybe I'll buy some different color paint so they can form a raccoon rainbow group.


  1. Ken Owens2:16 PM

    In regard to your raccoons, I think I read in the paper just yesterday about some new breed some animal experts have discovered up your way.
    Now what was it they called it? Oh yeah, it was "The Blue Butted Bandit".
    Sorry. I told you I would try not to comment on too many of your blogs, but I could not let this one pass. Especially since I'm sitting here alone and laughing out loud.
    Have you ever considered raising raccoons?

  2. Hey Ken,
    Thanks for the comment. I know raising raccoons would be cheaper than trying to raise chickens :)


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