Sunday, June 06, 2010

New Biddies

We went out on a limb today and bought more baby chickens. These are a little older than the last ones we fed to the raccoon. 
We drove up to the Lacon Flea Market and picked our new chicks out of a wire basket.
Mr. and Mrs. Pierce had chickens of all kinds there. 

We didn't want to buy grown chickens and spend the next few weeks chasing them around the yard, so we opted for the smaller ones.
I went down to check on them before dark this evening, but something had gotten the eggs I was using for bait in the trap so I'm keeping the biddies IN the trap tonight until I can build them a secure cage tomorrow.
The last thing I need is for Rocky Raccoon to have another meal at my expense.

On another note, we spent a lot of time practicing today. Jilda made a quantum leap in her playing. She was struggling a little bit the last few weeks, but I could tell today that her technique is getting much smoother.
This much I know - playing guitar is really not that hard. The trick is you have to practice. No one picks up a guitar and masters it in an afternoon. The people who are good musicians, got good by repetition. Granted, some people it take fewer repetitions than others, but it takes repetition. That's why practice is vital.
If anyone who wants to play develops a practice routine and they stick to it, they can learn to play and play well.
So there, I've given you an update for Sunday, June 6th 2010.

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