Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

The last Chevy truck that my father owned had air conditioning, but he rarely turned it on. He preferred to ride with the windows rolled down so that he could be a little closer to outdoors.
If he'd had his way, he would have been a forest ranger or game warden so that he spend his days outside.
He hunted and fished, but trophy bucks or bass were not important. One song that the Overalls do on occasion has a line that says "The important part of fishing ain't the fish but the fishing".  That line lays out my dad's philosophy.
Today, was absolutely stunning and I know my dad would have loved it.
Jilda and I drove over to Brookwood Hospital to visit our newest great nephew Anthony Haven Phillips who is the son of Haven and Alesha.
One the way home, the sky was blue as a swimming pool with big cotton candy clouds drifting slowly. It was a beautiful day. I thought about my dad. It occurred to me that if he were here today, we'd have the windows rolled down with our shirt sleeves rolled up and the wind tousling my hair. His hair rarely got tousled because he used Rose Oil Hair Tonic and combed his hair straight back.
I hope it's been a great day for all fathers. I wish I could have called mine today and planned a day of fishing.

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