Monday, June 28, 2010

Farm Stuff

We finally got some rain tonight. It's been well over a week and the garden was beginning to wilt. I walked down just before dusk and everything seemed to be rejoicing.
Jilda and I are rejoicing too because we finally got to hear rain on our new metal roof.
Now on to the garden - I'm battling some kind of beetle on my green beans. They have eaten a bunch of leaves. I started earlier this week spraying neems oil, which is an organic pesticide, but it takes time for that to work.  I started using the old analog method - I stomp 'em.
They are slick little critters because when you get close to them, they drop like a stone to a lower leaf and then make their escape.
Once I learned their routine, I got a plastic cup and hold it down below them as I reach and they drop right into the cup. I bet I've stomped 300 over the last few days.
I really don't like killing critters. If they would only eat a little, I could live with that. But they are greedy so, they can't dine here without paying the ultimate price.
We have company coming on Wednesday. My blog buddy Grandpappy and his wife are driving from Arizona to Florida for a wedding and they plan to make a stop in Empire, Alabama.
We're sprucing the place up as best we can. I had planned to pressure wash the decks and walks, but the pressure washer went south and won't be out of the shop until later in the week, so we'll have to make do.
I worked around the barn today. It needs a great deal of work to get it back in shape because I haven't put a lot of focus on in in years past. I really didn't have time to spend when I was working full time, but now that I don't have the day gig, I plan to get it where it needs to be.
I love the old barn and it deserves better. It's my intention to give it the attention in the coming weeks.
I'll post some pictures in the coming days.


  1. Mexican bean beetles? Ouch.

  2. I'll upload a photo and see if you can ID it.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hey Kris, my pests are Japanese Beetles or that's what the picture looks like. I'm posting it on the blog.


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