Friday, November 19, 2010

Dealing With The Mess

My 2 1/2 year old great nephew Jordan embarrassed me this week. When we went to the shed to get corn to feed the deer, he looked inside the shed and said, "this is a total mess". I still struggle to understand him at times so I asked him to repeat what he said. I heard correctly the first time - "this is a total mess".
I finished up my errands and chores early today so I went out and began cleaning up/out the shed. I was brutal. All those pieces of computers that I've been keeping for spare parts - GONE. The air filter/purifier that I kept saying I was going to fix - GONE. I have two garbage cans completely full and half a pickup load to take to the recycling place on Monday.
The sad thing is, I only scratched the surface before darkness set in. I need to do the same routine in the old house, which I want to convert into a writer space, and the barn. Why do we keep stuff that we will never use?
Someone told me once that it was because we paid good money for the items and it felt wasteful to dispose of them when we'd used them up. Perhaps that's true, but at some point, you have mountains of junk that will never be used.
I made enough headway today to get off Jordan's "this is a total mess" list. It is my intention to get it organized enough that I can put my hands on my tools and supplies that I do need.
More on this later.
Thanks for those of you who have offered suggestions for mix-tapes.

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  1. I mentioned this before somewhere but there's this place that has ads on TV where some guys come and haul off your junk. Then they clean the space and go away. I figure that's what I'll do when I move again!


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