Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Deer Story

When we drove out to visit my mom on Sunday we passed a young deer near our house that had been struck by a car. My heart sank and I hoped that Jilda had not seen it, but she doesn't miss things like that.
I heard her say oh nooo. We both thought it was probably one of the young deer we've been feeding all summer.
I called my nephew and asked him to take the tractor down there, and bury the deer.
The last few days, we've kept a watchful eye on the field to take inventory.
We have one doe with one fawn
One doe with two fawns
And a single doe with no offspring's that's almost grey in color.
In the past they came at different times throughout the day to feed. This morning, Jilda was fetching a refill of coffee when I heard her squeal with delight. When I stepped to the back door, we saw the doe and the  two fawns were down in the field. They youngun's were frolicking in the sun, playing some kind of deer-tag. I shot video, but since I don't have a telephoto, you couldn't see the the deer that well.
We're hoping the fawn we buried was not one of our fawns. I know to some folks it must sound goofy that we'd get worked up over wildlife, but we do.
I just hope our critters become invisible during deer season. Is that too much to wish for?


  1. Don't sound goofy to me. It saddens me when I'm missing a spider that I've grown accustomed to being in one spot. Or any animal that's been around enough that I recognize it as an individual.

    Deer are special. They're so sweet and gentle. I hope your friends are invisible during this season too.

  2. I think its understandable that you should become attached to them. I hope everything is ok with them and they dodge the hunters.


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