Friday, November 12, 2010


I headed out to Mountain Brook just after breakfast this morning.  I had an appointment to interview Dick Coffee, who is the ESPN #1 college football superfan in America. That was a delightful experience. He's had numerous health problems through the years including heart problems and a stroke, but he just keeps on going to games. His wife Nora smiles as she said "he's had the good fortune to experience his health problems during the off season."
Dick's wife Nora says the doctors believe that it's his upbeat attitude that allows him to bounce back and keep on going.
To date, he's attended 750 consecutive games. 
What's even more impressive, is the he doesn't hold the record. Giles Pellerin attended 797 consecutive USC games before passing away in the parking lot of a Trojan's game at the age of 91.
Mr. Coffee is not on a quest, he just likes attending Alabama football games and he plans to keep on attending as long as his health and "the Good Lord" allows him to attend. If that happens to extend to mid 2014, he will pass Pellerin's record.
After talking with him today, I think he can do it.

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  1. That kind of thing that extends your life. That sounds like a very pleasant interview.


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