Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A Different World

I did an interview and some research for Village Living in Mountain Brook today. I met a woman at Starbucks for an interview about her experience as a contestant on Jeopardy this past summer. The show will air on December 28th of this year. She couldn't talk about the questions or how she did, but she did talk in general terms about her experience.
When she left, I hung around a while to finish my mocha and an older gentleman sitting in the corner spoke to me. "How's it going", he asked. I give my normal response which is to say, "I'm living a dream".
He said, you must be a Republican. I told him that I wasn't living in a dream world, but living a dream. He howled with laughter.
I sat ant talked to him and one of his friends for a while. They were delightful folks.
Later, I went to the O'Neal Library, there in Mountain Brook to do research for an upcoming story about the Old Mill. It was a cool rainy day, but perfect for walking. Mountain Brook is a different world.
I strolled around Crestline Village, and shot a few pictures.

Did I mention that I love my new job?


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