Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rainy Day

Today was an old slow rainy day. Back when I had gainful employment, rainy days drove me as crazy as bad moonshine whiskey, but these days I take them in stride.
This morning I took my laptop out on the screen porch, turned on some classical music, and wrote my column for this coming Sunday. Sometimes I struggle to come up with ideas, but today the idea came easily.
Raindrops as big as dimes pinged off the metal roof and a gentle wind out of the west played a song on the chimes. I pecked at my keyboard like a woodpecker on speed. At one point when I stopped to sip my coffee, I smiled for no apparent reason. It just felt good to be right there. I finished the story in record time.
Tornado warnings for our county delayed things so our babysitting duties were delayed as well. When Jordan arrived, he was in a great mood. Jilda hooked him up with some cereal and some grapes and he was a happy camper.
The sun came out briefly so he and I went out to take care of the critters. When we fed the chickens, he peeked inside the laying boxes and saw the first egg these hens have laid. He was so excited. I gently scooped it out of the box and handed it to him. He held it like a kitten and ran inside to show it to Jilda.
When he came back outside, we took a few cups of corn down to feed the deer and he then wanted to go to the barn. The barn is a strange and wonderful place. It smells of hay, old cow manure, dust, and motor oil from a tractor that was built when Truman was in the white house.
He stopped to play in a mud puddle and I shot a picture of him. He decided that he needed to take a picture of me so I squatted down to his level and handed him my iPhone.  He leaned a little to starbord but the picture he took was not bad.
I know everyone says this about their kids, nephews, and other family youngun's, but our little buddy is delightful. We both always smile when we see each other. I'm not sure there is a better way to spend an old rainy day.


  1. sounds perfect to me.

  2. I think Jordan has the makings of a great photographer. He has a different slant on things...
    Ms Soup

  3. That he does Ms. Soup. How are you? I hope all is well down under.


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