Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fun Day

 The moon is full this evening. We saw Bimini Road perform tonight at Berkeley Bob's, and on the way home, I could have turned out the headlights and driven by moonlight. I've done it many times in the past, but it always makes Jilda a little crazy.....there's something about the idea of hitting pine trees at a high rate of speed and dying a fiery death that always seems to put her on edge. I tell her that everybody has to go sometime, and why not go out with a bang.  But I don't get a lot of traction with this line of reasoning, so  tonight I left the lights on, flipped open the sunroof and admired the moon from that vantage point.
Today was a good day. Our friend Edie Hand was doing a promotion at the local Toyota dealership and we swung by and shot a few pictures. After that we went to Woni's Bookshelf for a local author book signing and bought a book. And tonight, we picked up our buddy Fred to go to Berkeley Bob's for dinner and the Bimini show.
 We're both whupped tonight, but today was fun.

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  1. That sounds wonderful. The night sky is so wonderful when the moon is full and there are no clouds.


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