Friday, November 05, 2010

Our House is a Jungle

OK, as of this afternoon, our house is officially a jungle! It happens every year when freeze warnings are first issued.  The lemon, orange, grapefruit, avocado, and mango trees that have been living happily outside our front windows, are moved inside to winter.
It's always interesting for several days after we move the plants inside because the critters who've made their summer homes in our plants, sometimes come inside.
We've brought tree frogs, chameleons, and all kinds of bugs, in with our plants. We once brought in a chipmunk, who had burrowed into one of our pots. I was working at the time and I got a frantic call from Jilda and my niece Samantha who were standing on the kitchen table. Apparently the little critter had come out to forage for food in the den, when they had an unfortunate encounter.
I listened helplessly on the phone line as Jilda tried to shoo the little critter out. He mounted an unexpected counter offensive and it was not going well for the home team.
They left the front door open and the tiny beast finally went out chattering incessantly. Jilda and Samantha were both quite certain that the little critter said some unkind things about their linage as he scurried out the door.
We both love the plants. Some, we've had for many years. I have a ficus plant that was sent when my father passed away in 1986. Jilda has a plant that belonged to her grandmother, and it was full grown when granny gave it to Jilda's mom  in 1964 .The citrus trees were all planted from seed by Jilda's mom.
The thing is, they require a great deal of work. Each winter when we bring them in, we have to do major rearranging to make room for them.
I really need to build a plant room suitable for our plants to thrive and survive when the mercury plunges. I'll put that on my ever expanding todo list. But tonight, we're on the look out for "visitors".


  1. Someone once sent me a funny email about a woman who inadvertently brought in a snake with her plants. It was just a garden snake, but in the course of ridding the house of the pest, her husband ended up in the hospital with a concussion and myriad other health issues. The end of the story was that the following year when she said it was time to bring the plants inside, he shot her--it had been a rough year for him!!

    I have always dreamed of a greenhouse or atrium for plants, but alas, I can't keep them alive indoors to save me. I am all sorts of impressed that you have many that old!

  2. Jilda has the green thumb with the plants.
    The plants usually begin to look puny around February, but when we put them out after the last frost, they spring back and rejoice.

  3. I owned a philadendra for over 40 years. I finally killed it. It took effort but I did!!!

    I also saw that joke Ornery's Wife mentions. It was so funny I laughed breathless!


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