Saturday, November 27, 2010


We went out of town yesterday for an overnight visit and returned today to a chorus of barking-howling-yelping-baying-wailing and braying. We can be gone for ten minutes or ten days and it makes no difference. Our dogs are ALWAYS happy to see us.
We have a doggy door and our five mutts spend most of their time outside on the deck or in the yard, curled up in the sunshine. We could learn from dogs. Have you ever watched a dog trying to find a place to lie down? They will walk around the room checking out the air flow, level of light, view, escape routes, and other factors we humans never even consider. I think dogs actually invented Feng Shui for the Chinese.
There are people who take a dim view of animals in the house. That's fine with me, but if they come to visit us, they will have their legs sniffed by our dogs.
Like most dogs, ours are very intuitive and they can tell in an instant if a visitor doesn't like animals. They steer clear when they are not welcome. But when they encounter dog lovers, they treat them like old friends.
Today when we returned home, we were serenaded and when the doors were unlocked and the doors opened, they all tried to be petted simultaneously.
We love to travel, but it's always good to get home to your own bed, and to the ones who really love you.


  1. No wonder they're called "Man's Best Friend" :)
    Very few humans are as loyal as a four-legged friend.

  2. Ah, the loyalty of a dog!


  3. Thjere is nothing like the unrestrained love of a dog or a child.

  4. I cannot understand people who do not like animals. I suspect there is something wrong with them. SMILE

  5. Yes, our Muffin is elated beyond her little capacity to contain herself when we finally arrive home, whether from hours or moments away. The wriggling and dancing, yipping and prancing are quite a show to behold.

    There is something very satisfying about having that unconditional love lavished upon you, and makes whatever less-than-savory task you might have had to perform while away melt into the distant past.

    Yes, we love having a dog again. :)


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