Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving has changed

Thanksgiving changed for us when Jilda's mom passed away several years ago. When she was alive, we spent every Thanksgiving there. Jilda's mom was a fantastic cook and Jilda learned a great deal from her. My mom was a master of desserts, but Ruby had no peers when it came to turkey and dressing - it was the best I've ever tasted. 
Jilda's family was fairly large and most of them showed up on Thanksgiving. I think the dressing had a lot to do with it, but I could be wrong.
Things were tough when her father passed away in the early 90's, but the rest of the family rallied around Ruby and Thanksgiving continued to be a family tradition for all of them.
But Ruby was the magnet that brought the far-flung family together and when she passed away, there was no gravitational force strong enough to keep them all together.
My family didn't really celebrate Thanksgiving together. Many of the men folk went hunting over the long Thanksgiving holiday and so we usually got together Thanksgiving afternoon and began decorating my mom's house for Christmas. People celebrate holidays in interesting ways.
At any rate, our Thanksgiving these days is very different than it's been in years past. This year, we will be at the Sumiton Community Center bright and early helping to prepare and serve food to the needy. We've done this before and it was rewarding,  so we've made it our new Thanksgiving tradition.
To all our friends, I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving.


  1. I tried all my married life to establish traditions. Our traditions as a couple were to visit my mother for a lunch meal and then visit his family for a supper meal. After Dennis died, I spent Thanksgiving with my Mom and as she was getting old she came and spent the extended week end with me. We would go to a fancy hotel in town and eat a sumptious meal. No leftovers. When she died, I tried to establish traditions with a small group of friends. For several years we all went to Churchill Downs for a big bill meal and horse racing. That stopped when the price neared $100 a plate!

    Now, I go to my in-laws for the day and that's it. Usually I get leftovers but this year for the first time, no one is cooking and we're going to a buffet in their town.

    I may take a clue from ya'all and take the day to help a hungry buffet beginning next year.

  2. Wishing you both a very Happy day, no matter how you spend it. Ornery and I are in our PJ's and enjoying the quiet for a change. Someday we may also have to join the ranks of the helpers at the shelter. Sounds like a rewarding experience.

  3. Although our Thanksgiving here was a month ago, we always have gone to my mother's for dinner. We've gone to my mom's for every holiday dinner, actually. But we recently moved far away, so we will have to come up with new tradions. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  4. I was at Miss Kitty's blog, and I saw your name, so I said "what the hell," and here I am. My god, you're an Alabama man! I'm from south Mississippi, where my father's father relocated in 1908 from Bridgeport, Alabama. If you know where Bridgeport is, you probably live in the northeastern corner of the state.

    I came to Oregon in 1986, and I have been here almost ever since. I'm sorry to say that I only have one follower--that I know of--from Alabama, and only three--that I know of--from MIssissippi.

    Thanksgiving isn't what it used to be for me either, but I had a less social day than yours. My wife worked, and I raked leaves.

  5. Reading your blog this morning brought up my memory of when Thanksgiving changed for me. 1996..the very last holiday, I spent with my oldest son, Craig. Little did we know that would be our last holiday, or even gathering with him. I'd had forgotten my camera, which is just something I don't do but I did and when I remembered it I was but 10 miles from the gathering place and said,Oh well I will get Christmas pictures of all of us....12-18-96 son died! Never again will Thanksgiving be as glorious as it once was, and Christmas also....a healing has taken place since that morning 6:05 telling me my son had died in an automobile accident ...but it has been a slow process...guess a pain that deep would take forever to heal ....hearts going out to you and yours thankful for the good Lord has carried me now for 15 years ....I have my memories, I have "loads" of pictures just not Thanksgiving of 1996 the last holiday with my son.


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