Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blazing Dark Star

I'm a copycat. Jilda and I have been watching our Blazing Star for a week now, but yesterday before I made it out on the deck with our mugs of hot java, Jilda had already snapped a beautiful picture of the first bloom of the season.
Each morning we sit and sip the dark nectar, we veg out, so to speak, watching our garden grow.
The tomato's, which last week looked as though they would remain evergreen, are now throwing off two or three softball size tomato's each day. We have enough jalapeno peppers to do a meal of grilled peppers stuffed with cheese and Jilda's special sauce.
We've given all our family okra, and soon they will have eaten so many of the fuzzy green pods that they'll start blocking our calls.
The Blazing Star was so beautiful I couldn't resist shooting a picture as well, but I didn't want to steal her idea so I "doctored" mine up and I'm calling it the Blazing Dark Star.
I've gotten caught up on all my writing projects so I'm going fishing in the morning. The rain's moving in tomorrow, but maybe it will hold off long enough for me to toss a few casts.
Y'all have a great hump-day.


  1. have fun... every little thing can give us happiness...


  2. Do you take blog post requests? I'd love to hear how you stay focused and disciplined to put out a certain amount of articles within a time frame. I used to be more disciplined - when I was working for the newspaper but that was pre-kids and 100 years ago. Now I'm very hit or miss in my writing - nothing for a month, now I feel like I can't stop!
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  3. That picture is stunning.

    Enjoy the fishing :)

  4. I'm very sorry but my jaw dropped at your very last line!! LOL! Take care

  5. Fishing can fix a world of things. Have fun.

  6. Well I haven't been to Jilda's yet so I don't know what to compare!
    As for the Okra, I LOVE OKRA!!! Wish I could have gotten some!
    Love Di ♥

  7. @ JJ, thanks.
    @ Jennifer, I struggle with procrastination. Jilda chides me from time to time, but when the deadline looms, I get in our office, put on headphones, and git-er-done.
    But, I'm also working on some fiction and that seems to be ever on the back burner.
    @ Sarah, thanks.
    @ Old Kitty - You go wash your mind out with soap missy.
    @ Barb, you said a mouthful. I only caught one today, but it was still delightful in the water.
    @Diana, I'm not sure why she didn't post hers last night. I think she got sidetracked. What's your address, we'll fedex you some of the green fuzzy stuff :)


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