Friday, July 15, 2011

Late Post

It's a late post tonight. Jilda and I just got home from the songwriter thang.  It started raining as we walked out and got gradually harder as we got closer to home.
I almost had to scrape the contacts out of my eyes with a butter knife. I'm not sure why that is. We had fun tonight. Daniel Day Gallery is a delightful place.
The owners, Daniel and his new wife Melody are artists and musicians. He was one of the songwriters on the bill tonight. 
I have to confiscate Jilda's checkbook and credit cards when she goes there. The art work, the vintage clothes, and the antique jewelry are simply much of a sensory overload. She starts drooling at the earrings, and by the time she gets to the necklaces, she no longer has control of her faculties. 
Thank goodness they don't sell vintage shoes there. I'd have to take her out in a straight-jacket.
She's going to smack me when she reads this. If I don't post for several days, please call the police. Tell them to search for loose down behind the barn.
Nighty night.


  1. Bwhahahaha! I keep telling my husband I need him to build a pond large enough for his body. I don't know if the reason we don't have a pond is he just has a tiny little fear I am not kidding.

    If he were to confiscate my checkbook when I was around earrings and necklaces...where did I put that number for the pond company???

    Hilarious posting tonight, glad y'all had fun!

  2. You are so funny :) And I am sure she will be sweet to you as always :))) But I'll check on you on daily basis!

  3. Do please hand over the chequebook and cards. You know it makes sense.

    Take care

  4. Maybe you could convince her that some of those shiny fishing lures would make lovely earrings instead? :S

  5. @ Sush, is you hubby a blogger, maybe I should start checking on him.

    @ Kitty, In your dreams girlfren :)

    @Claudia, thanks I knew I could count on you.

    @Li, I like they way your thinking.

  6. what a good post. just right to start my friday and off to weekend.. gave me a good laugh! your sense of humor is remarkable...


  7. Hahaha, love this post! Very fun!


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