Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Most Fun

OK, What's the most fun you've ever had with your clothes on?
In no particular order:
1. Rug Riding (you nail a room-size rug to a beam, attach it to a four-wheel drive truck, and load it with as many people (rug riders) that can possibly stand on the rug, and then drag them around a 40 acre field until no one is standing). Click here for an old blog post and picture.
2. Innertubing down the Warrior River in the heat of summer
3. Flying a kite in March
4. Playing our songs before a rowdy crowd at the FloraBama at Orange Beach.
5. Riding in boats & Water skiing
6. Driving fast on a full-moon night with the lights off. (Jilda's not so fond of this)
7. Body surfing in the Gulf of Mexico
8. Fly fishing anywhere
9. Dinner with friends
10. The moment you know you have written something really good.

What are some fun things you've done?


  1. One of my older brothers used to take me out in the back roads of NJ and pull #6 on me. I was scared to death yet thrilled as well. Fun list you have.

  2. Never heard of rug-riding, must be an Alabama thing.

    So I was going to smart off,until I hit Number 10, and then I just had to shut my mouth.

    Hope you are not going to suddenly go all morally superior on me. Not, at least, while I am still considering whether to knock over that liquor store at your suggestion.

  3. The most fun for me? Hunting for fossils in the hills of Drumheller, Alberta. We didn't know it was against the law. We found lots of them.

  4. Great list and Belle's reply is so funny :)

  5. Shopping! Shopping for myself is always fun! Yay!


    Take care

  6. nailing a gnarly rapid in my canoe paddling solo.

  7. Horse-riding, and getting ready to do the things you do with your clothes off.

    Rug-riding sounds like cheese-rolling; a local thing incomprehensible to outsiders.

  8. White water rafting in Denali a few years ago would have to be a topper for me...Jack did the lights out drive when we first moved to the country 34yrs ago..I still haven't forgiven him for that!


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