Thursday, July 28, 2011

Okra Blossom

I stepped outside early this morning after I put on the coffee to brew. As the coffeemaker rattled, and complained, I walked barefoot down to the garden.
The dew was so thick, it looked like there'd been an early morning rain. Just feeling the dew on my feet made me think of the Peter, Paul, and Mary version of the Gordon Lightfoot song, Early Morning Rain and I smiled at the thought.
But when I got to the garden, I frowned as I looked down the rows. The only thing that loves hot sun and rain more than the garden, is the weeds. It reminded me that I need to carve out some time for tilling.
When I stepped down to the okra, I snapped this photo. I've been in a arty mood lately so tonight I ran the photo through some photo filters on my phone. I should probably leave well enough alone, but then what would I write about? But I digress.
After my morning stroll, I headed back inside and rousted Jilda from a sound sleep. She stumbled into the living room and moaned --- C O F F EEEEEE. I hustled in the kitchen and fetched us a cup.
She was a little under the weather today so we laid low most of the day. I did run out to see my mom in the nursing home, but afterwards I came home and decided on 46 columns that will comprise my next book.
I'm shooting for a late autumn release. We haven't decided on a title, but Jilda is a whiz at this stuff so we'll decided on that in due time.
After the book is released, I plan to start focusing on world peace and true happiness.
I hope you all have a great Friday, and a remarkable weekend.


  1. Wishing you the best about that book.

    oh Okra! i dont like eating them. LOL!

    next time you visit your mom, say hi for me. i used to work for 4 1/2 years in a nursing home in taipei, taiwan before coming here to canada. in there i learn mandarin a little. but working for the elders made me realize how beautiful life is beyond sagging skin and wrinkles. every one has his/her story to tell.

    God bless! have a wonderful friday and great weekend...


  2. Jj you are wise beyond your years. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous10:00 PM

    I like okra, it's such an interesting veggie. Appearances are deceiving-prickly, hairy on the outside but totaly different on the inside. Good luck with your garden and also on the book!!!!

  4. Hi- new follower!

    You seemed to encapsulate your whole life in a few paragraphs, and pretty great it sounds too. Nicely done.

    Moody Writing

  5. Best wishes to Jilda. Hope she's feeling better.

  6. Hope Jilda is feeling a little better - yay for home brewed fresh coffee!!

    Good luck with your forthcoming book!! World peace and happiness are all the better for it!! Yay! Take care

  7. Why don't you focus on world peace now, we could use it on the over worked planet.

  8. Okra flowers are so pretty, I'd grow t hem just for that. Related to the mallow and hibiscus.

  9. The okra flower is beautiful! And I know what you mean with coffee :)


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