Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Self Portrait

   I was killing time today trying to think up an idea for my column in this coming Sunday's paper.
I do some of the strangest things while the muse is sleeping.
   This picture I took of myself was rather ordinary, but you know me and those wacky iPhone apps.
Some of the photo edits made me laugh out loud.
   Some were just lame, but this one seemed to fit my mood. 
   The heat has left me wilted and my mood is listing a little toward snarky with a touch of -- WHY EXACTLY DID I CHOOSE TO LIVE IN ALABAMA WHEN IT'S HOTTER THAN SATAN WITH A FEVER??????????????????????????????????????????
---------I'm OK now. But unfortunately, I still don't have any ideas for my column. 
   If someone can give me a decent idea, I'll give them a bass boat or a Mercedes. If it's a great idea, I'll give them both. (When I hit the lottery)


  1. I'll try to squeeze my mind for that very great offer...


  2. Well hear is something that I just learned after 40 plus years. Illinois is hot and humid. Even when I lived in Chicago, summers were hot and humid. This never bothered me until now.
    It also has lots of mountains. I never realized that until I started riding my bike.
    Funny how you can live in the same place for years and years and than all of a sudden ask yourself, "Why did I choose this state?".
    And Rick, really, you're much better looking than your "Self Portrait".
    Now don't go sending Jilda after me, I'm happily married myself!!
    Love Di ♥

  3. All I've heard this week is the same statement you've, not the heat..that's a given this time of year..but the lottery one...stories of winners, losers, winners who croak right after who lose everything, winners who've won more than once. So if you write about the lottery can I have the car?

  4. Anonymous8:24 AM

    I like it! Sorry about your muse, perhaps it melted in the heat!

  5. Hi there:) Thanks for visiting my blog and following (!) When I clicked on your blog and saw the "DEVIL" comment, you had me burst out laughing!
    Thanks for the morning laugh. Following you back, by the way. I look forward to reading more on LIFE 101!
    BTW, no ideas for you, but this post is a good start. Hate the heat too!!!

  6. Hotter than Satan with a fever, huh? I like that. You have a way with figures of speech. Write a column that exposes the origins of some of our favorite - hence, cliche - idioms and expressions. Some are pretty funny. But I'll leave you with that. And if it's any consolation, it's just as hot out here in California. I often wonder why I still live here. Perhaps write an article on the places we live and how we can't remember why.

  7. Everyone should live in Hawaii where the weather is the same all the time: Perfect.

  8. Thanks all.
    @Denise you ma be a winner. Good ideas.
    @Belle, that actually sounds good, but I think I'd miss whining about bad weather :)

  9. This was great! You know there are actually people making art from those iPhone apps? Here's a link to one of them (possible idea):


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