Wednesday, July 13, 2011

House Concerts

Jilda and I are playing a singer/songwriter gig tomorrow night at Daniel Day Gallery in Birmingham. It's actually an art gallery. 
They sell artwork and other arty things, but they have music at night. Jilda and I've been there a few times to hear our friend Skip Cochran play and we really like the owners, and also the people who frequent the gallery. 
Listening to music there feels almost like an intimate house concert. House concerts are my favorite way to experience music.
Jilda and I saw Jim Page in Seattle a few years ago when we were there on business. He is a singer/songwriter that does politically charged songs. Listening to a set of Jim Page music makes you want to get involved...pick up a banner and join in a march. And listening to him up close and personal seemed to make the songs even more powerful. 
Our buddy Steve is one of the organizers for Small Stages in Birmingham. The only shows they do are house concerts. 
The last show we saw was James House. He had a bunch of hit songs on the country charts many years ago, and he hasn't slowed down. 
So where was I....Oh yes, Jilda and I will be playing with George Griffin and PapaMac at the Daniel Day Gallery on Thursday evening.. The music starts at 8 p.m.
Y'all come.


  1. Oh what I'd give to be there to listen to you and Jilda! Come on to NC sometime and give us a treat here!


  2. wishing u both the best...

    wish i can be there.


  3. Sounds like great fun! Have a groovy evening, LOL!!! Love Di ♥

  4. I would totally be there if I were nearby. I love house concerts, too. Meanwhile, on your last post, I'm going to do one of the vision boards. I've been wanting to for 5 years. LOL. procrastinate much?

  5. Have a video of you two and put it on here. I'd love to hear you guys play "live".

  6. I'll be there in spirit! :-) Take care


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