Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Conference

I spent some time today organizing notes from the conference, and capturing email addresses, and resource websites.
I bought Jilda an iPad a while back and she lets me use the iThoughts application which is a mindmapping program.
I've been mindmapping meetings, books, ideas, and stories for many years.
The concept is the brainchild of Tony Buzan and it is a unique way to remember details of things important to you.
To help me remember what I learned at the conference, I listed the workshops and then captured the main concepts that I learned in each, along with the exercises.
In order to help what you've learned become a permanent record, you have to review the mindmap for several days after you finish it.
A week later you review, and again after a month, and again after 3 months. Since you've only put key words which capture the essence of what you experienced, it only takes a few minutes to review.
You either have to write reminders on your calendar or do what I do and simply program the reminders into your phone. My iPhone  prompts me to review and refresh.
It seems like the older I get, the more effort I have to put into internalizing things in order to remember and recall them.
It's also a great way to outline stories idea, and proposals for your projects.
I'd be interested to know you remember things.
This is what I learned -- writing is a deeply personal experience. There seems to be tons of rules that you have to follow until you are "discovered" and then you can break them.
What I learned at this conference is that there are a lot more people who want to write, than people who actually tap keys.
I also learned that most good writers are good readers. They spend less time reading junk, and more time reading the good stuff.
The poetry class I attended, was the most thought provoking. The lady laid out a feast of food for thought.
I appreciate all the kind words and comments over the last few days. Since I'm caught up with my writing, I plan to catch up on my blog reading this week. I hope you all have a great week.


  1. I'm thinking that I'll need to do mind maps while studying economics. :-)

    What you said is true. There's a big difference between wanting to write and actually writing.

  2. My mind's too scatty and featherbrained to be so organised! LOL!! I think thinking to do something is easier than actually doing that something!!

    The poetry workshop sounds amazing! Was she the one who wrote a poem to the bank manager? Lovely! take care

  3. I used mind maps a lot in my training sessions, they do work!

  4. I became a huge fan of mind-mapping, after reading two of Buzan's books a few years ago. As a visual thinker, I find it works well, pulling together all the various stories ideas in my head!

    Ellie Garratt

  5. Mind mapping...I think I would need a GPS to actually map my mind. Sounds like a good seminar though!


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