Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Our hen has been setting for weeks now. I was about ready to shoo her off the nest and toss the eggs in the compost pile because the peeps should have arrived a week ago.
When I went down there this morning, there was a tiny black peep that was not much bigger than a humming bird.
I tried to maneuver in close to get a photo but the mama hen wouldn't have any part of it. She ran interference and when I tried to defy her, she fluffed out her feathers and made this menacing guttural sound that said, I will peck your eye sockets clean.  The mama hen is not that big, but she sounded like she meant it so I stepped away.
The other hen is setting too, but unfortunately, she's setting on the golf ball that I leave in the nest. So, she may be there for a while.
I took the morning off and did a little fly fishing.  I bought a new rod and reel. The old one was given to me by my dad before he died in 1986.
The old rig served me well, but when I made casts with it, the fly would only go about 30 feet. This meant I had to wade further into the stream to get the fly out to the fish.
With the new rod and reel, I was casting 90 feet without really trying. The technology is remarkable. I caught and released 10 trout before noon.
My head got blazed, because I forgot my hat. I know, I know, that is a goofy thing to do. I will promise you, this won't happen again.
My lovely spouse wrote a post last night entitled 10 Thinks I like About Myself.  I think it is a very good exercise. I might give that a shot myself.
If you haven't followed her blog, I really wish you would consider it because she writes well and has some great ideas. Plus, she has 97 Followers and we're going to celebrate when she breaks 100.
Transformation Information
Have a great Wednesday evening.


  1. I just had a poke about on your wife's blog and I liked what I saw - she has 98 now :)

    Also, I feel a little sad for your hen sitting on her golf ball.

  2. I do enjoy Jilda's blog and I'm already a follower but good luck on the 100! Have fun with that new fishie stuff..that's a technical term you know.

  3. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Hooray for peeps! Glad you had a great time fishing. :) I'll have to check Jilda's blog out.

  4. Yay!!!! Jilda' got her 100th follower!!!!! Hooorah!!

    Oi! Leave those hens alone!! :-) Take care

  5. I posted my list on my blog this morning. AND I am the 101st follower, which should be a celebration since your blog is Life 101! ~:)

    Poor hen on the golf ball. :P But happy you can stay closer to the shore for fishing. I am always amazed at the new things that people create, and how much easier things are today than when I was a kid!

  6. I often wonder if you and Jilda are writing simultaneously, sitting side by side on some of your postings. Just random. I was so delighted to discover Jilda's blog, and have been following since. Congrats to her on her 100th. I find her postings very thought provoking.

  7. Thanks all for helping Jilda hit her milestone.
    @ Sush, yes she has a laptop on a desk that sits next to my desk.
    I spend a great deal of time tapping keys trying to of something to write about.
    When she sits down, she starts typing away. I can hear the keys clicking like castanets.
    It drives me crazy :)


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