Saturday, July 23, 2011


This morning was painful, but don't feel sorry for me. You see, our jalapeno peppers have been showing out. They love the kind of weather we've been having the last month.
So Jilda pulled out her world famous jalapeno peppers stuffed with her special sausage, sautéed onions, and some other magic stuff recipe.
We put on surgical gloves and cored the seeds out of the peppers, Jilda stuffed them, and I grilled them on our grill.
We then had a jalapeno feast. Those babies were delicious and I went to bed with a smile on my face.
But this morning I wasn't smiling so much. In fact when I went to the bathroom this morning, I paid the piper so to speak.
I'm glad we don't use chemical toilets because there's a good chance there could have been a fire.
I realize this is probably way more information than any of you signed up for, and I said all that to say this:
Fun ain't cheap.


  1. And here was me merely thinking that you were going to tell us you'd rubbed your eye :)

  2. Rick, way too much info tonight

  3. LOL is all I can say! :)

  4. LOL!!! No pain, no gain! LOL! Take care

  5. I understand, but you know, every now and then we need to splurge!!
    Love Di ♥

  6. It was TMI, but then again, I splurge with jalapenos on my pizza now and then, so I understand.

  7. It's called the information highway isn't it? LOL and I have lots of pepper eating friends who have shared same info. I just think you were doing your best to let everyone take heed!

  8. Better you than me. That's all I have to say!! haha.

  9. Reminds me of when my Dad took to growing Habanero peppers. I had never had one before. It was a small pepper, but I couldn't even finish half of it, it was so hot! Then the next day, it was still just as hot on its way out as it was on its way in!

  10. Ha! Yes, a little TMI but it's not like we all haven't been there, you know?


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