Friday, June 01, 2012

Just another Friday

Lightening danced on the southern horizon into the night, but it never got nasty here which is a blessing. Sometime after midnight, I heard the should of rain drumming on the tin roof.  When I stepped outside this morning, all living things looked refreshed. 
We walked early this morning and we began to see pools of blue sky between the gray clouds. The temperature had dropped 20 degrees and it felt like a morning in San Francisco.
The blackberry bushes were hanging full, so I cut my walk short, grabbed a basket and picked a half gallon. That's enough for two or three blackberry pies. That's like money in the bank.
Tomorrow, we're singing at a memorial service of a good friend who passed away last week. He was a writer, and a remarkable person.
I hope you all have  a remarkable weekend.


  1. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. It is very nice you aare singing at his service.Blackberries are a favorite of mine. Enjoy the pies.

  2. Mmmmm...blackberries and pie..good combo! Sorry for the loss of your friend, but how nice of you to be able to do one last thing for him.

  3. Good morning
    Sorry about the loss of your writer friend. I know he will be missed by many.
    Just picked blackberries Mother's Day weekend but it was at a farm too far from here to easily go back. I did make a cobbler and yummy.
    I put the recipe on my site because it was my MaMa's.
    Thanks for kind words on my site about my friend Ronnie.
    I am having a nice giveaway if you care to put your name in the hat.


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