Tuesday, June 26, 2012

7 Million

Tech news is reporting that Apple quietly removed the statement on their website that said something to the effect that Apple users shouldn't fret about viruses. Apparently some of the recent viruses can and do infect Apple Computers.
I'm fairly computer savvy, but I also don't want a nasty but on my system so I did some research. I found a product for the right price (free) that specializes in Apple's and was highly rated. I promptly installed the software and asked it to do a scan of all drives.
It looked around, counted the files, and started scanning. What I found interesting is that I have over 7 million files on my desktop. That is very hard for me to comprehend. I know I have a lot of pictures, a lot of music, and I maintain about 30 websites, but I would never have guessed I have almost 8 million files. 
The program has been crunching, scanning, and looking for viruses all day. When I went to write this update, the computer was moving at a crawl because most of the CPU power is focused on the scan, so I grabbed my trusty laptop.
I'll scan it tomorrow. I think I should also consider taking a hard look at all the stuff I have on these things to see what can be trashed.
Jilda goes in for a treatment and blood work to see if the infusions are working. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they are.
Y'all have a great Wednesday.


  1. I'd be interested to know what product you used. My husband and I both have Macs. It is amazing the amount of stuff you collect on your computer over time, isn't it? Best wishes to Jilda.

  2. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Will be saying a prayer for you and Jilda...

  3. Positive and hopeful thoughts to you both.

  4. Seven million files?!!? WOW! That'll take a very long time to scan! All the best!!

    Hugs and positive energy for Jilda!! Take care

  5. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Hope everything goes well with Jilda. Let us know.


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